This year Malaysia will be hosting World Miss University International Finals, which marks the 29th year celebration of the competition.

This program will be gathered an estimation of over 123 university students worldwide and will compete in terms of physical beauty, intellect, attractive personalities and their humanitarian values and Ellsee will act as Sponsored Partner for this event.

The 29th World Miss University International Final is scheduled to take place in Malaysia on

  • Date : 28th November 2018
  • Venue : Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Started in 1986, this event objectives is to commemorate the “Year of Peace” sanctioned by the United Nations and it is under the patronage of the International Ssociation of University Presidents (IAUP).

In the hope of promoting world peace, this events is held annually which involve the chosen female university students from renowned universities around the globe. This pageant is not just about looks and beauty, but also the combination of intelligence, virtue and fitness.

The main goal of this competition is to  harmonize different religions, ideologies, languages, skin colors, cultures, and other aspects of diversity in humanity. It is hope to bring beautiful and inspiring women together.

We strongly encourage observing in commemoration of the International Day of Peace as follows six points.

  1.  We shall take all actions necessary to save the earth and all mankind.
  2. We shall endeavor to abolish all forms of racial discrimination and establish an international society for peace and friendship.
  3.  We oppose all wars regardless of the circumstances.
  4. We insist on the abolishment of all nuclear weapons and the dismantling of all armaments.
  5. We oppose the manufacture, sale of all chemicals that have an adverse effect on the natural environment.
  6. Nations should engage in activities to promote harmony, friendship and cooperation in pursuit of the great global human society without war.

So, if you have what it takes, please…Come forward and enter this competition.

All qualified female university students can now register through the WMU 2018 online registration page at

This year marks Malaysia’s FIRST World Miss University local search, and registration to all female university students will open on 2nd May for online registration. The final search will be held tentatively on the 26th July 2018.

Entry criterias for participation are:

  • Female University Students still studying at an institution of higher learning in Malaysia or abroad
  • Aged 26 Years and below
  • Strong academic grades
  • Interested in volunteerism and humanitarian programs
  • Strong leadership qualities displayed
  • A well-rounded and great personality

The winner will represent Malaysia at the WMU 2018 Grand Finals where she will represent Malaysia and compete internationally with other best female students from all over the world. In addition, there will also be Cash and Prizes worth RM10,000 and an opportunity for a scholarship to further her studies.

For more information, you can visit